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Welcome to Bunch of Geeks.com

Posted by Harbinger @ Mon May 23, 2011 6:45 am
THe spam in here gets pretty bad at times. It is always about sports jerseys as well.

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  I hear you guys are playing Dark Heresy, how is that going?
Posted by chrynoble @ Thu Nov 04, 2010 9:15 am
I have Deathwatch and have been thinking about starting that up, but I read the free e-book given out by the Black Library that featured an inquisitor and it was pretty good.

btw: The Black Library has a fee e-book every Friday for a while.

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Posted by chrynoble @ Thu Nov 04, 2010 9:08 am
Hello all.

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  Gaming Lair
Posted by tsenolo @ Sun Jan 03, 2010 2:24 pm
Check out this gaming room



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  Dungeons and Dragons House Rules
Posted by Harbinger @ Sat Sep 30, 2006 12:27 pm
Here are the current house rules for my DnD game

House Rules:
1. Dying and Death: A character is considered to be dying if his hit points are in the range of -1 to – (constitution -1). A character is considered dead when his hit points are equal to –constitution.
2. Background skills: At character creation a player may choose 3 skills that should be related to the characters life before becoming an adventurer. These three skills are always considered to be class skills for that character regardless of what class the character pursues at each level. One of these skills must be a profession or craft skill. (Note: Canon Warforged do not gain this benefit)
3. Perception: A characters perception score is equal to the average (round down) of that characters spot and listen skills. This could also be called Notice. This doesn’t come into play often, but when it does it is nice to know.
4. Stealth: A characters stealth score is equal to the average (round down) of that characters move silently and hide skills. This doesn’t come into play often, but when it does it is nice to know.
5. Leveling up: Characters may only level up between adventures/stories or during extended periods of downtime during a story or adventure. Some specific campaigns may not allow this, but it will be the general rule.
6. Skill Levels: The rank limit of both Class and Cross-Class will be level+3. There is no reason to penalize cross class skills twice.
7. Action Surge: All characters will receive the action surge feat as a bonus feat at level one.
8. Additional Action Point Uses:
8.1. An Action Point may be spent to add a d6 to your armor class for one enemy attack.
8.2. Two Action Points may be spent to re-roll a single Attack Roll, Saving Throw or Skill Check unless the first roll was a natural 1.
8.3. An Action Point may be spent to automatically confirm a potential critical hit.
9. Eschew Components: Sorcerers and Bards receive the Eschew Components feat for free at first level. This feat can only be applied to spells being cast as a Sorcerer or Bard.
10. Additional Wizard Skill Points: Wizards receive an additional number of skill points per level equal to their intelligence bonus. These skill points may only be spent on knowledge skills and are still subject to the normal maximum limits.
11. Wildcard Feats: At character levels 6, 12 and 18 all characters receive a wildcard feat rather than the standard feat choice normally received at these levels. Wildcard feats are defined in the Man-at-Arms write-up in Iron Heroes.
12. Spell Compendium: The spells in the spell compendium will be considered to be an extension of the ones in the player's handbooks. This means that the divine caster's spell lists are much longer and making those casters more flexible. I reserve the right to reverse this decision if it becomes a problem.
13. Initiative Ties: Ties in the initiative order after comparing initiative bonuses will be decided by dexterity with higher dexterity characters acting first. Should the tie still not be broken then the tied characters will randomly determine who acts first.

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